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If you a trying to get a grip on an efficient manner of managing documents and items related to a list item or document, the chances are you will enjoy the capabilities of a batch of Microsoft SharePoint field types such as Associated Tasks Field. The component is designed to work as a handy addition to the regular lookup field. The way it does that is by displaying all the autonomous items or the ones correlated with the current item, which is possible by resorting to various content types, such as item, task, and document. It is worth pointing out that these can be used as a starting point for your own projects since you can develop your own content types. Then, by turning to summary columns, you should be able to generate summary values of the related items you are interested, with the process being automatic. It should also be said that coming up with new documents or items associated with the current item should raise no difficulty if you resort to Associated Task Field, as is the case of assuming control of their lifecycles and workflows. What differentiates this software solution from similar tools is that there is no need to leave the context of the parent item, which should obviously benefit your productivity. This idea is once again endorsed by the fact that carrying out bulk operations is possible.







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Associated Tasks Field supports two types of functionality in addition to using many tags and text labels. It can also be used for ad hoc searches, as it is tagged with a clear index to your items. The editor can also use the Summary Field Type of Tasks. Associated Tasks Field Features: Associated Tasks Field has several features to provide to the user. In addition to the fact that it is a very user-friendly tool, as can be easily seen in its User Interface. 1. The Associated Tasks Field presents all the settings to the user in a clear manner. 2. The composition and the editing of the tool is also done with ease 3. The tool also generates an automatic summary for the current document or list item. 4. Apart from those, the tool can also interact with other fields within the same list to find the items that are related to each other. 5. In addition, the editing of the Associated Tasks Field is done using simple drag and drop capabilities. 6. There are no complicated licenses or subscriptions, so no need to worry when you want to make the software. 7. Additional to the feature of the tool, you get the opportunity to customize the look and feel of the system by changing the color, font, and the background color. SharePoint What is SharePoint? The generally accepted definition of “SharePoint” is that it’s an online software application for team collaboration and web content management. It’s a cloud-based server application that provides tools for people to communicate, share information, and organize work. The product is the result of a joint effort by Microsoft and the Nonprofit Technology Group (NTT), which owns the OpenText Corporation. How is SharePoint different from collaboration tools that are already available on the market? It’s not just the possibility to share and manage documents and even files. The biggest difference can be seen when it comes to the collaboration process. In simple words, SharePoint is a very dynamic and collaborative environment. It provides collaboration environments to teams of all sizes, regardless of the size of the teams. It consists of a set of services and APIs that allow teams to collaborate in their own workspaces. SharePoint Training in Mumbai, India: SharePoint Training in Chennai, India: SharePoint Training in Kolkata, India: SharePoint Training in Hyderabad, India: SharePoint Training in Bangalore, India: 2f7fe94e24

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When putting your mind on the document’s or item’s lifecycle, what if you could improve the performance of its document body, for example? Well, one way you could do this is through a way you could operate it with Associated Tasks Field. This way would make use of Content Types, which would allow you to customise and reconstruct their workflows, content, images, and metadata. Having said that, here is how Associated Tasks Field would allow you to automate the document’s lifecycle without leaving the context of the parent item. It should also be said that the software element has been successful in converting items that have to undergo various processes. For example, it is successful in bringing you, the user, the different pages of a document, making it easy to navigate your way through it. Related Features: Just like the regular lookup field, Associated Tasks Field brings a lot of functionalities that you should definitely take advantage of. These include, but are not limited to: • Easy navigation of the document • Customisation of workflows of the different item types • Automatic summary/totalisation of the associated items • Inclusion of the associated items in search queries • Easy editing of the document • Customisation of the list of sources of the document • Ability to preview associated items • Automatic email notification • The option to link the values to a specific position • The ability to manipulate relationships • The option to skip selected entries • Easy creation of recursive columns • Easy and automatic selection of the type of item • Customisation of the document’s metadata • Ability to customise the document’s appearance • Ability to see the list of associated items and their values • The option to edit workflows and loops • The option to customise the document’s metadata • Easy creation of custom lists • The option to manage related item • The option to access a specific position • The ability to link the values to the parent list • The option to create custom lists • The option to summarise the items • The option to navigate to the parent list • The option to calculate the parent list of the current item • Easy creation of summary columns • The option to navigate to the parent list • Customisation of list style options • The option to edit the appearance of the summary • Easy manual assigning of values • The option to group the

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