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Twitch is a live streaming video platform which primarily focuses on video game live streaming. As with all other video streaming websites, there are a number of social interactions that take place, such as chatting between individual viewers. Better TTV for Chrome is a neat extension for the Google Chrome browser, which enhances the already rich chat features that Twitch has to offer. This extension does not interfere with you5 Twitch experience in any harmful way, so you don’t have to worry about things like video interuptions or not working at all. Among the features that this extension has to offer we can mention anon chat, the ability to blacklist or highlight words and phrases, recent chat history on chat load. The chat features is further enhance by the addition of custom chat emoticons, the ability to show or completely remove deleted messages, embedded strawpolls, improved emote menu. As with all video games and videogame-related content, there will always be trolls and general toxic people. Fortunately this extension allows you to ban all users with /massban. Another anti-troll feature is the chat image link previews on hover  that will save you the risk of accessing so-called links to images that might be dangerous. The final touch that Better TTV for Chrome adds to your Twitch viewing experience is a dark theme which will make you love it even more. Chromium updated in April 2020 is available in the Chrome Web Store. Feel free to check it out. Visit Chrome Web Store: Follow me on Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to my Patreon page: How to use Chromium: Its best if you download it as a standalone extension: Playlist with this video:

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・ No other JavaScript needed. ・ Supports match making. ・ Supports op teams. ・ Supports private messages. ・ Supports deleting bans. ・ Support private matches. ・ Supports viewing profiles. ・ Supports viewing your own teammates profile. ・ Supports viewing high scores. ・ Supports black list/highlight. ・ Supports any chat modifiers. ・ Supports rick rolls. ・ Supports status effects. ・ Supports emoticons. ・ Supports autolinking. ・ Supports album art. ・ Supports co-streaming. ・ Supports auto join. ・ Supports myfriends list. ・ Supports user ID filtering. ・ Supports user image filtering. ・ Supports user banning. ・ Supports viewer image filtering. ・ Supports mouse scrolling. ・ Supports mouse clicking. ・ Supports easy scrolling. ・ Supports dark mode. ・ Supports automatic loading during matchmaking. ・ Supports auto update. ・ Supports multiple languages. ・ Supports any language (Any support is not guaranteed). ・ Supports any zoom mode. ・ Supports session reload. ・ Supports browser autoupdate. ・ Supports referral system. ・ Supports using previous chat logs for multi-user chat. ・ Supports event message replay. ・ Supports multiple watchlists. ・ Supports multiple account. ・ Supports password protected. ・ Supports unlimited number of watchlists. ・ Supports embedding any emoticons you want. ・ Supports custom emoticons. ・ Supports searching any player by just entering the name. ・ Supports bolding entire text. ・ Supports italics. ・ Supports underlining. ・ Supports highliting your own words. ・ Supports message history. ・ Supports search-as-you-type. ・ Supports stickies. ・ Supports sorting. ・ Supports filtering. ・ Supports viewing history. ・ Supports advanced avatars display. ・ Supports public notepad. ・ Supports channel id/name search. ・ Supports info dialog. ・ Supports cross-platform support. ・ Supports dark mode. ・ Supports dark theme. ・ Supports dark theme. ・ Supports single installation. ・ Supports admin panel access. ・ Supports multi-language support. ・ Supports multi-tab support. ・ Supports alternate text selection. ・ Supports alternate voice selection. ・ Supports everything you get from a normal extension. PlayMaker is video game content creation software. It allows users to 2f7fe94e24

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Twitch is the world’s largest live video platform. Easily watch or chat with gamers all over the world. Twitch Chat from Realtime includes the following features: – Chat bubbles with custom emoticons. – Chat views with filter options. – Blacklist user names, phrases and channels. – Chat history. – Embedded voting. – Recent chat messages (on the right side of the chat window). – Chat languages – English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian. – Escaping special characters with auto-URL-encoding. Installing Better TTV for Chrome: To install Better TTV for Chrome, click on the extension button on the address bar, and then drag to chrome store to save it. If you don’t see an extension button on the browser’s address bar, you will need to enable the developer option. To do this, navigate to the browser menu and then choose “Tools”, “Developer Tools”, and then “Experimental Features” from the drop-down menu. Once the developer tools have been enabled, you will notice a button that says “Enable Developer Tools”. Hover over this button and it will become solid. Press the button again to deselect this button. It will show up as disabled but the extension will be installed. To exit developer tools, navigate back to the browser menu and then choose “Tools”, “Developer Tools”, and then “Disable Developer Tools”. Follow the prompts to install the extension. To uninstall, navigate to the chrome store, search for Better TTV for Chrome, and select it from the search results. Press the uninstall button. A small window will appear and you can confirm the uninstallation. Close the window and enjoy! How to Channels and Basic Settings: Open the Better TTV for Chrome user interface (UI) by pressing the button on the browser’s address bar, or by hovering over the button and pressing the context menu. You can open the Settings section (Settings) from the drop-down menu. The settings you can control through Better TTV for Chrome are: – General: – Optimize for desktop browsers: off/on. – Toggle Unread/All on Loading: off/on. – Show Chat Menu: off/on. – Chat Menu

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• Enhance your Twitch video experience The extension is free to use, but there is an optional premium version that offers more features and functionality. For more info visit: If you are a user then a list of your most watched videos and most played channels will be available at your profile page with the information updated every day. The list is generated using your Twitch account and shows the top users, the most played channels and the most played videos you have watched during the day. The list is updated every day by a user defined cron, so you can always count on being able to see the stats when you go to your profile. Check your profile page for more info. is a video-streaming site that allows users to broadcast and watch live video games. Unlike other video-streaming sites, does not require the visitor to be signed up for a user account. allows users to set up broadcast channels for a wide variety of games including games consoles, PC, mobile, and even Augmented Reality games. Users can broadcast their gameplay in full-screen for all viewers to see or stream in a smaller window. is free to use and has over a million users. is primarily for video games, but it has no direct link to YouTube. In this video tutorial, I show you how to upload your own video content to, with or without using an application. For those of you who are able to upload the content, I’ve included a brief tutorial on how to apply a playlist to your video and upload it. If you’re interested in contacting me, I upload my Freeplay games on so you can check them out, by clicking here – find me in the twitch channel! You can follow me on Twitter If you like my video, please check out my other video on how to get Steam Community updates (Steam Community Updates): Other frequently updated channels: Survive the night with Twitch – – coming soon for PlayStation 4 Keyboard vlogs –

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Version: 1.4 Test Scenario: LAN Video: Intel HD4000 or AMD R7 260X graphics card, or better Audio: 256MB of RAM and 8GB of available hard disk space DirectX: Version 11 Test Scenario: Dual-Boot / Play Offline Test Scenario: PCV-RX

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