Breathable Palm Technology™ is the special palm coating applied to glove styles 451, 452, and 453 within our Pro Series. This multi-step process involves coating the palm with a nitrile polymer mixture that gives the glove a slightly rough finish to the touch. However, unlike typical nitrile palm gloves, our coating is micro-porous.

The benefits of working in GRX gloves with Breathable Palm Technology™ are:

  • Complete breathability of the hand through the glove. When you work, your hands sweat. A micro-porous palm allows the glove to breathe, and therefore sweat less.

  • When working in warmer and humid conditions, a breathable palm creates an environment of temperature regulation. Hands stay dryer, cooler, and more comfortable. This keeps workers safer as the tendency to take off the glove is reduced.

  • The rough, sandy finish on GRX gloves with Breathable Palm Technology™ increases the lifespan when compared to the competition. Durability, coupled with breathability and dexterity is a recipe workers want on their hands.

Check out the styles 451, 452, and 453 here, or contact your local GRX authorized dealer here to pick up a pair.

Breathable Palm Technology GRX Gloves