GRX Gloves, Comfort. Fit. Performance.
Comfort. Fit. Performance.This is the motto of GRX.

GRX gloves are built on the guiding principals of comfort, fit, and performance. In speaking with our customers, we found those three factors were most important to those who wear gloves and demand top-of-the-line hand protection. Each factor, taken separately, are what customers desire when they try on a pair of gloves. However, combining these features to a pair, and in fact an entire range of gloves, is what we strive to do to meet the requests of our customers.

What can you expect from a pair of GRX gloves?

Comfort: The moment you slide on a pair of GRX gloves, you immediately feel the quality of the materials. We use the best materials, the latest stitching and knitting techniques, and the most cutting edge advancements – like Breathable Palm Technology™, to make gloves comfortable to the hand in all elements.

Fit: GRX gloves are “true to size”. Have you ever tried on a pair of Large gloves only to double-check the tag to make sure it wasn’t a size Small? Yeah, we have too. We don’t do “Smediums” because we know you need gloves that fit properly to get the job done.

Performance: We all know that gloves don’t last forever. However, you expect your gloves to last longer than the drive from the lumberyard to the jobsite. We stand by the performance of our work gloves and know that they will show up and work as hard as you do.

We love any and all feedback. Please contact us here, and let us know your experience with GRX.