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Believe it or not but no one pair of gloves is right for every job. Most projects around the house or in the workplace require a specific type of hand protection.

A 2015 study based on a survey of over 400 safety professionals by the American Society of Safety Professionals, found that two out of every five workplace hand injuries are from cuts or punctures. Many of which could have been prevented if the correct hand protection would have been used.

So, whether you’re pruning in the garden, installing drywall, or handling lumber for that next big project remember, you need to ensure your hands are adequately protected and that you treat your gloves like your own hands. Take care of your gloves and they will take care of you.

In the summer of 2019, GRX launched a new line of cut resistant gloves. Dubbed our ‘Cut Series’ these gloves come in three exceptional designs, each with unique features and protective qualities.

Designed to protect hands from direct contact with sharp edges like glass, metal, ceramics and more, the engineering and technology packed into the knitting of each glove creates the resistance you need and provides high performance armor for your hands without sacrificing comfort or fit.

Classic PU (Polyurethane)

Our classic range of cut resistant gloves, the 500 series has all the features commonly found in the marketplace today with the added benefit of comfort and proper fit.

All three styles (532, 533, and 534) are available in ANSI Cut Levels A2-A4 which are ideal for low, moderate, and high level cut hazards.

All liners are cut-resistant 13 gauge, providing ample hand protection for almost any task, plus a polyurethane (PU) palm coating provides excellent durability and great grip in wet, dry, and abrasive applications.

ExaGrip® Latex Palm

Our proprietary latex blend found on our 600 series is produced in an environmentally friendly way; no chemicals, acids, or coagulants.

The result? A win-win for both your hands and the environment; not to mention a highly durable, abrasion resistant latex coated cut resistant work glove that combines best in class durability and grip.

The 600 series offers three styles (632, 633, and 634) in ANSI Cut Levels ranging from A2-A4, perfect for construction and packaging, to sheet metal and glass handling.

The engineered hi-visibility liner ranges between 13-18 gauge for your comfort, safety and hand awareness. Plus, our unique ExaGrip® palm design enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions.

GRX Glovez PalmWick Technology

PalmWick™ Technology

Very popular among our customers is our 700 Series featuring our very own PalmWick™ Technology, which offers a breathable nitrile palm coating that keeps your hands cool and dry in warm weather. Sweat and moisture simply wick away on the palm side of the glove.

With ANSI cut levels ranging from A2-A6, our PalmWick™ series offers the largest range of cut protection available from GRX. For added comfort and protection, cut resistant liners measure in at 13 to 18 gauge; providing you peace of mind when working with sharp materials.

Adding to the already impressive scope of this series, all gloves are touchscreen compatible for when you have to make that important call while on the job.

Excellent for low to extreme cut hazards, each glove in our 700 series features a reinforced saddle (strengthened material between thumb and index finger). Not only does this strengthen the glove’s performance, it extends the life of the glove as well. The last thing you want is a glove that wears out after only a few uses.

GRX Cut Series

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If you have a job that requires light to extreme cut protection, look to the GRX Cut Series for all your cut resistant gloves needs. Your hands will thank you.

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