GRX Gloves

It has been quite the ride the past year-and-a-half for our little glove company. We set off to provide customers with a better hand protection experience by offering a variety of work gloves that were high quality, durable, and affordable; gloves that could “out work” the competition and that is exactly what we did!

We’ve got even more exciting news for 2020, so keep reading to find out what you can expect from GRX Gloves in the new year!

Comfort, Fit, Performance

Based on our guiding principles of comfort, fit, and performance, in the summer of 2018 we launched our original 4 lines of GRX Gloves to the world and we haven’t looked back. These new work glove lines included our:

Using only the highest quality of materials and latest advancements in work glove technology and design, each series offers a unique solution to fit our customer’s individual hand protection needs.

Cut Series

In 2019 we saw a new addition to the GRX family of gloves with the launch of our Cut Series. The introduction of these cut resistant gloves was a game changer as it allowed GRX to offer a whole new level of hand protection technology and provided customers with a highly sought after style of glove.

To combat hand injuries, our Cut Series offers a precise range of cut-resistant materials and technology, allowing consumers to make better choices when selecting their personal level of cut protection. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has a scoring scale that measure the cut resistance in work gloves deemed “cut resistant”. GRX offers ANSI cut protection levels of A2-A6 with A6 being the most resistant to cuts. Visit our website to learn more about our Cut Series.

GRX Work Gloves Now Available at The Home Depot

From small town USA to the big boys, our highly anticipated partnership with home improvement retailer The Home Depot is here! Just head over to their website and search ‘GRX’, ‘GRX Gloves’, or ‘GRX Work Gloves’ and you are all set. Currently, only select gloves are available, but more will be coming soon.

Now it is worth mentioning where this all started and where it will continue to grow. Since 2018 we have been hard at work building our network of small to medium size GRX partner retailers across the country. These are your typical family-owned hardware, roofing and lumber companies that sell GRX gloves. We will continue to nourish these partnerships as they are the backbone of our business. If you would like to see who some of these amazing businesses are, head over to our Instagram page and check out some of our recent posts.

Women’s Work Gloves

In 2020 we will be launching our very first Ladies glove. That’s right…we heard you ladies! We’ve got a lot of hard-working woman out there that desire quality hand protection just like the guys. The new line of women’s work gloves will be offered in summer and will be available for purchase at The Home Depot, so keep your eyes open.

Stay Connected

Explore all of our glove lines and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see the latest and greatest from GRX and to join us on our adventures in glove making! You can find us at @grxgloves.