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Whether you want to practice reading sheet music or intend to brush up on your knowledge of musical theory, you may be looking for an application that offers a practical approach and allows you to create your own exercisers. Solfeggio Maestro is an easy-to-use program that includes multiple theory and practice lessons, created for beginners and experts alike. Well-designed lessons The application offers numerous detailed lessons, organized into relevant categories: music reading, theory and advanced reading, tonal solfège, alternative clefs, intonation exercises and solfeggio practices. Theory lessons include lengthy and compressive explanations of the concept being covered. These are displayed before you begin a certain exercise, to help get you up to speed on what you should be concentrating on. While an exercise is taking place, you can control it's speed, the sound level, as well as determine whether notes should be displayed immediately or on a delay. Edit lessons and create your own exercises Each lesson can be edited in various ways. You can select between 5 exercise modes: reading, solfège, rhythm, notes and melo (intonation). You can also set the default tempo and establish the measure. Solfeggio Maestro also allows you to add indications, which are displayed in the exercise window, and theory, which is displayed in a separate window and normally includes lengthy explanations relevant to the current lesson. Simple and customizable interface The default application interface is minimalistic and easy to understand, making it easy to concentrate on the notes and instructions being displayed. Additionally, you can choose to view it in a classic or adjustable mode. The latter only displays the lesson list and assist controls when they are accessed, leaving more screen space for the visual lesson. Overall, if you are looking for an intuitive educational tool that can help you learn to read sheet music and improve your knowledge of musical theory, you should try Solfeggio Maestro.


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Solfeggio Maestro is an easy-to-use application designed for both beginners and advanced users. It can be used for self-teaching and learning new musical skills. The application includes a large library of exercises, many of which are created by the creator of the application, Eric A. Solfeggio. The library includes a broad variety of exercises, covering the main aspects of musical theory. There are also ten featured solfeggio lessons, the first five of which are created by Eric A. Solfeggio, the author of Solfeggio Maestro. Solfeggio Maestro also includes several aids for learning and practicing music reading skills. These include flash cards for exercise self-assessment and tutoring sessions. Key Features: All musical exercises are written for a fretted piano All musical exercises are written for guitar New exercises written by Eric A. Solfeggio for beginners and advanced students Exercise numbering from 1 to 550 Tracks within each exercise (each track has an index) Notes up to 3 octaves (notes are written by pitch) Degree of difficulty controls for each exercise Progression through exercises Customizable exercise window – change layout, location, size, display of notes, etc Customizable flash card window Auto-arranging exercises by key Backup archive of exercises and scores Real-time playback with tempo control Real-time playback on a delay Solfeggio Maestro Review: Eric A. Solfeggio has created a comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use application that is designed to help you learn how to read music and practice developing your theory knowledge. The application includes more than 500 exercises divided into smaller lessons, which are displayed in a grid. Each exercise contains several pieces of music, the first of which is displayed in the window. The user is then asked to read the music at their desired speed and with as much accuracy as they can muster. From here, the difficulty of the exercise increases and there are a range of specific hints provided to guide you through the exercise. Each exercise also has its own track that contains further additional information that is displayed during playback. Exercises can be copied and pasted as they are encountered, simply by tapping on them with the mouse. Simply enter the desired location and the next exercise is added to the list. Stopping playback and playing back again on a delay is also possible, allowing for a

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Solfeggio Maestro is a free utility that can help you with your reading and music theory. Through the use of the high-quality Solfeggio Maestro Solo Timer, you can control your theoretical exercises to meet your personal learning needs. Solfeggio Maestro offers over 7 hours of innovative, specific, in-depth music theory educational content, including: – Reading and Practicing of Notes – Picking the Proper Chord for Each Pitch – Understanding Every Key Significance – Recognizing the Pros and Cons of Each Scale – Securing Proper Meter – Recognizing Common Scales – Knowing the Keys to the Melody and Harmony – Being Able to Sing a Song and Analyze Its Structure – Handling Music Theory Data – Discovering Every Key to the Music World – Learning to Identify Common Scales – Applying What You Learned to Practicing – Comparing Notes and Reading Sheet Music – Realizing How, When and Why Keys Change – Identifying Chords, Sound, Sweets and Notes – Constructing and Comparing Song Structure – Handling Many of the Theories of Music – Learning to Identify Keys, Forms, Modes and Modes – Exercising Your Skills at Reading and Understanding Notes and Scales – Understanding the Theory of Music – Studying Music Notation – Understanding Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major Scales – Understanding how to Sing a Song and Recognizing Key Changes – Analyzing a Song and Applying What You Learned – Comparing Notes and Music Theory – Learning to Sing a Song and Analyze Its Structure – Analyzing a Song’s Structure and Comparing Notes and Scales – Developing Musical Creativity – Developing Analytical Music Reading Skills – Developing the Ability to Comprehend a Melody – Practicing Music Theories – Using Tonal Sounds to Write Music – Discovering The Melodic Form Of A Song – Analyzing Chords, Chord Transpositions and Key Modulations – Understanding the Life of A Song and What Makes It Good – Understanding the Sounds of Music – Solfeggio Maestro has 7 hours of content on its software wizard, and it covers major theories of music reading, music theory, and music practice. – Ease and Intuitive User Interface The interface is easy to use and very intuitive, even if you have no prior experience with music theory. – Multi

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Solfeggio Maestro is an easy-to-use music reading and theory application for beginners and advanced users. Choose a practice mode or create your own lessons to improve your skills and deepen your knowledge. – Simple intuitive interface – 5 practice and theory lessons – Songs with lyrics can be displayed in both English and Spanish – Tutorials for each lesson are available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch – Visually stunning interface, even on tablets and smartphone – Icons represent each scale – Different exercises have adjustable difficulty levels, with audio tracks for tempo – Various type of charts (songs, rhythm, staff lines, audio, text and others) – Free PDF transcription available – Click to hear the in-game score. Music theory: – Opens a new window displaying all the theory – Multiple ways of working with tabs – Piano keyboard layout – C, F Sharp, Bb, Eb, G, Ab and Db clefs – Scale degrees and notes explained – Natural notes (where appropriate) as well as sharp and flat signs – 12 sharps, 3 flats, 3 octaves – Our scale is of 5 octaves (C-Db) – Do, Re, Mi and Fa at the bottom of the staff – Example: F# is written above the staff – The frequencies are modified to fit on a standard piano keyboard – Built-in ear test, calculation of practice hours – Known instruments (piano, drums, guitar) – Vocal notation support – Fully tuned to PC for maximum compatibility – Ability to record a file to edit later – Ability to download a file to edit later – Easily create a new lesson – Synchronization of exercises and songs (add notes, change measures, etc.) – Ability to backtrack – Ability to set basic parameters of an exercise (tempo, sound volume, measure number, position number, etc.) – Ability to set a sound delay – Ability to play and replay notes for development – Ability to add notes to songs – Ability to open a new page for each song – Ability to close a page for each song – Ability to play the music notes when the mouse hovers over each note Practice: – Charts are very organized in this section – Practice chart: all the notes in one window – Practice plan: very detailed, organized by number of practice

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 (x86) / Windows Vista (x86) / Windows XP (x86) / Windows 8 (x64) Windows 7 (x86) / Windows Vista (x86) / Windows XP (x86) / Windows 8 (x64) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better Intel Pentium 4 or better Memory: 128 MB RAM required 128 MB RAM required Hard Drive: About 2 GB free space About 2 GB free space Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compatible