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when they reach their destination, powell shows croft the result of his research, the now invisible laboratory with the bodies of west, caesar and parker. croft then attempts to seal powell within the tomb. croft’s father arrives, and injures lara. in response, he stabs and leaves her for dead. some time later, lara awakens in the laboratory and the body of the police officer with the stab wounds is restored. the body is then transferred to the cairo museum, where lara is taken in by the curator.

while the overall tone is more serious, crystal dynamics has pulled off something amazing. crystal dynamics reported that they hired three composers working from their own compositions and that these pieces are exclusively used in the game. for the first time in over 10 years, we have a tomb raider game that is focused on lara croft and her adventure. anniversary also brings back the franchise bad guy, something that was not done in any tomb raider game since tomb raider: the last revelation . it also brings back some of the highlights that made the first two tomb raider games so great, like the first person exploration and the actual tomb raider gameplay. the missions have been tightened up, and in general, they make a lot more sense than they did in the previous titles. the game is currently on the xbox 360, but we were told it will make it onto the pc later this year. it will be released on january 26, 2010 in europe and february 1st in north america.

while there’s no multiplayer to speak of, anniversary does have a co-op mode called hunt for the last testament which adds a new puzzle-solving aspect to the game. when you find one of these puzzle pieces, you’ll gain exclusive weapons, armor, and abilities, including enhanced jumping power and the ability to pick up treasure scattered around the levels. the puzzles are fairly challenging, but they’re done so well that it’s easy to get back into the tomb raider mindset of finding them in new ways that you’ve only experienced from seeing them in the game. it’s really a great way to explore new areas without having to wait for another game.

unfortunately the game only sees the light of day on the pc, though it is available to download on xbox 360. unfortunately in addition to the problems with the control system and the lack of a quicktime event system, lara feels painfully inauthentic. she doesnt feel like she grew, learns, changes or evolves. im getting more interested by the second, but lara is as closed as she was in the first game. in the hands of any of the other three main characters of this series (td’s angel, val, and benz) she would be so much more endearing and sympathetic. the storyline is so realistic, the in-game world is so believable, and the characters are so good that you forget that youre playing a video game. were talking here of an all-time classic, of course, but anyone who enjoyed the original will likely have a very good time with this game. and even if you dont like the original, you may recognise some of the classic tomb raider locations, such as the temple of doom or the mummy’s curse pyramid. the game had an amazingly long development time with lots of technical problems. in the event that it was not published by the sixth month of 1998 (as had been expected), a three-year delay in the release of the game was the result. the development ran from 1997 to 2000. the game’s last composer, jason james reeves, joined the game halfway through its development in 2000. then in 2001, the game was reputedly reskinned by zone of the enders developer hideo kojima. however, this has been denied by kojima himself, and there is no evidence to suggest that it was actually done; there is more evidence that the game had a re-engineer from arfa, a turkey-based game company. so what is really there? the game isn’t a reskin, but a two-month demo version was put online in 2000, and was a demo of the full game. this demo has been taken offline due to being “very little” and “not very good” (source). in 2000, the pc version was announced for a holiday 2005 release date. 5ec8ef588b