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the csv output
the csv output can be obtained with the following options.
(1) install csvrd:
gem install csvrd
(2) enable the file output with csvrd -c
(3) add | csvrd -c at the end of the script.

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it’s an existing application. we want to add a feature and convert its container to the new format.
this is a good use case because it’s a [typename] because it helps us focus on why we’re working on this project.

we have an old app. there are some apis that allow us to convert its container to [typename]. unfortunately, we can’t change the architecture of the app because
[personname] has signed off on it and if we make it change, he’ll ask us to release the change.

i was looking at using an api but there are a few problems. i think it would be nice to have a tool to make these calls and have it automatically kick off in ci/cd. it’s a pain to make this call everytime because it takes so long.
someone could make a tool that queries the apis and then makes the calls for us.

using system;
using projectname.containerfilepath;
namespace projectname
class program
public static void main()
var type = new system.type(name);
// do all the conversion on a single call
var container = converttoprojectnameformat(type.parse(typefilepath), type);
public class type
public type(string filepath)
this.filepath = filepath;
public string filepath;
public string[] toarray()
var type = new system.type(this.filepath);
this.toarray = type.getnames();
return this.toarray;
public system.type[] toarray()
var type = new system.filepath);
var array = type.getnames().toarray();

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